Beauty beyond aesthetics

The final stage in guitar production or restoration is critical to the tone, durability and playability of the instrument.

With 50 years of combined experience and a facility engineered to provide optimal process conditions, Vancouver Guitar Finishing meets the highest industry standards at a fraction of the time required for conventional methods.

Highly specialized

While a luthier is akin to a general practitioner, a guitar finisher specializes in the most difficult and critical stage in guitar building. As long-time luthiers and musicians, we understand the importance of our work and apply our craft with meticulous care.


Our specialty is UV cure finishing, a revolutionary technique that provides a thin and durable coating for both acoustic and electric instruments. Nitro finishing is also available, as are various other options we are happy to chat about.

We pride ourselves in a variety of class and original sunbursts, as well as numerous other traditional finishes.


John Regehr


As a head painter at Larrivee Guitars for 30 years, John conquered countless finishing materials and techniques. In particular, John prides himself in his mastery of UV cure Polyester. Through years touring as a professional guitar player, John has accumulated an intimate understanding of the importance a professional finish has on guitar performance, durability and sound. John is also a walking encyclopedia of vintage instruments. Guitar is his passion, and finishing guitars is his masterful craft.



Rob Bustos


In 1993, Rob built his first electric guitar. Two years later, Rob began working at Larrivee Guitars, co-founding the Larrivee Research and Development team, affording him much insight into the building process. Perhaps best known for his work in Paragon Guitars (and previously Haida Gwaii Guitars), Rob has been building custom acoustic guitars since 1998.

Rob has worked with UV finish for 10 years himself, and is known for producing instruments with high attention to detail.

Pricing and quotes

No challenge is too great or too small for us to take on. Message us some details about your project and we’ll be happy to provide a quote.

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